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Welcome and thank you for your interest in my art.

Brett in front of his 2013 painting, "Glorious Montana"

Brett in front of his 2013 painting, “Glorious Montana”

Since childhood, the world’s greatest art has enthralled and inspired me.  Early visits to art museums soon led me to making art of my own, which at first (and for many years) was mostly drawing.  With the privilege of some natural talent, joined with a lot of practice, observation, and a bit of informal instruction, I began to gain artistic perspective.  I produce my art based on instinct and have no formal art training.

My current style is a blend.  At its core are impressionism and post-impressionism.  With many pieces, I strive for a painterly technique.  But the subject of each painting affects how I produce it — hence, some variation from piece to piece.  Sometimes even a single painting of mine may have different styles throughout the canvas.  I don’t allow any rigid formula to force me to make any given painting differently than I feel works well for it.  In this sense, emotion, instinct, and impression play a crucial role in my art.  As I evolve and refine a piece, instead of making it stiffer, I hope it gains a fresher, looser, more organic look as I go. A completed piece may even contain elements that look very unfinished.

Ultimately, every work I do is, in part, evocative of my personal relationship with great art I’ve observed in the world, and so too, in part, my aspiration to select and portray a subject as my artistic instinct and sensibilities compel me to do.

I work in gratitude to the many artists whose work has influenced and inspired me, to my parents, to G-d, and to my family.

Thank you again for visiting my site.  I’d be flattered if you’re interested in obtaining any of my work for your collection.  To inquire, please contact me at brett@brettberlinart.com.


Brett Berlin

Associate Member, Oil Painters of America

I sign each painting as BJB.

Inside Brett Berlin's Painting Studio

Inside Brett Berlin’s Painting Studio


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